Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Explosive RPO Book Now Available as a Paperback!

It is available here: The paperback version can be found here:
When I wrote Installing Explosive RPO concepts into Any Offense, I was excited to share a simple process that helped us to greatly improve our offense with RPO's. The first version I published was the iBooks version, because I was able to embed video. The one caveat is that you need an apple product to read the book. This is an awesome format because it combines a book and a DVD into one, single resource.

The next step was to put out a Kindle version for those who didn't have an Apple product. The Kindle was the first e-reader, and allowed coaches without an Apple product to enjoy the book. The Kindle version has the same content, but does not have video. The issue with the Kindle is that it is hard to format the book to look as it was designed.

Many, many coaches asked me for a paperback version. The reason I hadn't put out a paperback is because the cost of printing was prohibitive. I was also concerned about the time it would take to put box and ship the books.

About a month ago I received an offer from Amazon to turn the book into a printable version. I began to rewrite the book to be put into print, and after 30 days, the book was ready. Many people people want to have a physical copy of the book. By having a physical copy the can mark in it and take notes.

The paperback version has everything the iBook has, which the exception of the video. When we figure out how to incorporate video into paperbacks, the world will be a very awesome place.

Here is a look at the table of contents:

The iBooks version is available below. The version on iBooks includes cut-ups to reinforce the application of these concepts. In the book I give you a systematic process for installing 2nd and 3rd level RPO's. Coaches at all level of football tell me this is a game changer! The book can be found for iBooks here:

RPO's are a great way to force the defense to defend all 53 yards, and each of your skill guys. This book, whichever form you buy, will give you a specific process for installing pre and post snap RPO's. Coaches at all levels tell me this book has helped them tremendously on offense. If you want to enhance your offense, this is a book you want to read!


  1. Hi Coach Vint,
    I bought the Kindle version and am studying it.
    Section 3 on pre snap reads appears to have a page missing. Items 6, 7 and 8 appear without 1-5 being mentioned. Hopefully this could be remedied somehow.
    Steve Lentz

    1. Thanks, coach. The numbering continued on the formatting. It should have restarted at 1, 2, 3, etc. Nothing was missing. I appreciate the feedback. Do you have an iPad?