Saturday, June 22, 2019

Game and Practice Planning Resources That Helped Us Win!

Back when I first became a coordinator, I had no clue how to prepare for a game. We used to say, "we do what we do, and we aren't changing." The truth was, I really didn't know how to prepare and organize a game plan. After doing tons of research and visiting a variety of coaches, we began to become much more detailed in our approach to game planning. And boy did it make a difference.

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to coordinate all three sides of the ball. I have been an offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinator. I have been a coordinator at the college level, and had an opportunity to coach all three phases. It was an amazing opportunity to gain a wealth of experience learning how to game plan and prepare a practice week.

As we began to become more detailed in our approach to game planning, our success quickly increased. We improved our offensive points per game each year. We improved our rushing yards per game. We improved in every statistical category. It wasn't that we found a magic bullet. We just were more prepared on gameday. Our practices became more efficient. Our organization was much better. And while we were more detailed, our game planning took less time on the weekends. We saved ourselves a couple of hours that allowed us a little more time to recharge the batteries. It wasn't that we did less work. On the contrary, we were more prepared than ever before. The difference was that we had a system.

A few years ago I was speaking at a clinic about our game planning and an FBS coordinator asked me after the talk to go through what we do. I shared with him our offensive game planning resource and he used it through the spring. He emailed me back that it was a game changer. It was an honor to have him use these documents. After speaking at clinics and hearing that more coaches didn't know where to start, I decided to make these available.

Here is a link to my offensive game planning documents: 
It includes everything from a scouting report template, to practice plans, to a two-sided color call sheet, and more! Each of the nine documents are fully editable and customizable! Order today and start preparing for your first game right now! At one time this was $99, but it is available right now for less than $13!
Here are a couple of screen shots to show you what our call sheet looks like: 

This shows you a small portion of it. It is a fully editable, customizable two sided call sheet. It gives you the ability to better organize and be prepared on game day. It helped us to be better play callers on game day. There are eight other fully customizable documents! Some of the top high school programs in the country use this, as do several college programs!

When I was a defensive coordinator we adapted this to our defensive preparation! 
Here is a link to the defensive game planning documents. It includes 12 fully editable and customizable documents. These are what we used to post 6 shutouts when I was a defensive coordinator. Defensive coordinators at all levels of football are using this. Again, it is less than $13 right now!

And finally, I put together a special teams resource. This has everything you need, included drill tape, practice tape, and game footage. It includes teaching presentations and scouting forms just for special teams! This helped us to build dominating special teams! It is just $14.99! It will help you win more games. 

I wanted these to be available at a very reasonable cost. These can help you to be more successful on the field and more efficient in the office! 

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