Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Houston Glazier Clinic

I am looking forward to speaking at the Glazier Clinic in Houston, sharing some concepts from the 3-3 Stack defense. We are going to spend three hours going over everything from the structure to attacking specific concepts.

We enjoyed tremendous success running the 3-3 Stack. The two seasons before installing the stack, our defense gave up 38 and 41 ppg. Over the next three seasons, our defense posted 11 shutouts and gave up just 12.2 ppg.

In Houston, I will take you through the inns and outs of the defense. The first hour we will build the structure. The second hour I will show you how to successfully defend different run concepts. In the third hour, we will cover pressure packages that we had tremendous success with!

I hope to see you all at the Glazier Clinic in Houston on Thursday, February 21st, to talk to some football! If you can't make it, I have new video out that you may want to take a look at!

2013 Glazier Schedule

Thursday, Feb. 21
Session I: The 3-3 Stack, Building the Structure: 7pm to 7:50
Session II: The 3-3 Stack, Defending Run Concepts: 8:20pm to 9:10
Session III: The 3-3 Stack, Pressure and Cover Packages to Disrupt the Offense: 9:25pm to 10:15

I hope to see you all in Huston!

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