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Inside Veer Variation 3 Back Pistol

Inside Veer Variation From 3 Back Pistol

If you watched the Superbowl a few years ago, you saw the Niners using some concepts that were similar to some things Nevada did to utilize Colin Kaepernick. These concepts put the defense in conflict, while giving the offense a numerical advantage at the point of attack. Back in 2006 when we went full time to the pistol, the zone read became our base concept. The zone read allowed our kept things very simple for our guys up front, and allowed us to not block one of our opponent's defenders. After installing the zone read, we installed the inside veer. In the pistol, we were able to get a lead blocker for the dive back, essentially turning the inside veer into an iso read play. 

The diagram below shows our inside veer concept with a lead back. The read for the QB is the exact same as inside veer. He is reading the C gap defender. If the C gap defender comes upfield, the QB will give the ball. If the C gap defender squeezes and chases the dive back, the QB will pull the ball and get downhill. 

After installing the Veer Option with a lead back from our two back pistol look, we installed it from the 3 back look. In the 3 back look we are able to create a numbers problem for the defense. Because we are balanced, the defense must balance. Because they must balance, they can't get more than 5 1/2 defenders to either side of the ball. The minute we step off the midpoint, we can get six defenders to the playside. The defense doesn't know if we are reading frontside or backside, causing them further conflict. To give us another blocker, we bring the backside back to lead the ball carrier.

The backside back is key to our success. He is going to read the playside defensive end, the same player the QB is reading. If the playside read squeezes and chase the dive back, the backside back (Y in diagram below) will work off his outside hip and lead the QB. This allows us to handle a gap exchange by the defense. Essentially, we are putting two players on the playside inside backer to backside or middle safety.

If the read player runs upfield, the backside back will work inside the read to block the most dangerous man. This will be the playside inside linebacker, or the backside or middle safety. The diagram below shows the defensive end running upfield.

The pistol allows you to use a backside blocker to account for a frontside defender. This gave us a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of defensive answers for our zone read and veer concepts. If you have a quarterback who is adept at running the ball, this is a great variation you can implement with relative ease.

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