Friday, January 3, 2014

The HOPE Foundation and Coach Frank DiCocco

One of the greatest lessons I learned early on is that great coaching and teaching starts with unconditional love. I was blessed to have a father who coached this way. Growing up I had the opportunity to see first hand how unconditional love can impact young people. Early in my coaching career I worked for a man who cared greatly for each of his players. David Diaz coached kids to be better fathers and husbands. I was blessed to be exposed to Joe Ehrmann, author of two books on coaching. He wrote Inside Out Coaching and A Season of Life, which are two books every young coach should read.

Along with Joe Erhmann, I had the opportunity to visit with Dennis Parker, who authored of Coaching to Change Lives with D.W. Rutledge. At Columbus High School in the Bronx, we were searching for a way to teach our kids character and leadership. We took information from all of the aforementioned coaches as well as information from a variety of other sources. We began to piece together what would later be called Champions For Life. Champions for Life was our leadership development and character education program.

One afternoon I was on a message board for coaches and I was responding to a post about the importance of teaching young men more than the game of football. As I read further, I could tell the author of the post was passionate about coaching student-athletes to be their very best in life. We shared a few emails and he told me he was writing books on character. He called his curriculum The REAL Man Program. This young man was one of the most passionate coaches I had ever come across. His name was Frank DiCocco. Frank left this world too soon, but through the work of his family, his legacy will live on for generations.
Frank DiCocco

A few years back Frank started The H.O.P.E. Foundation for a Better Tomorrow, a non-profit organization focusing on Helping Other People Excel. Coach DiCocco's focus was not on himself. His focus was on helping everyone he met achieve their dreams. His goal as a coach was to help his players learn to become REAL men. Frank would email coaches free copies of his books so they would have a resource to teach character. He created handouts and packets and shared these with thousands of coaches. Frank shared this information because he cared about coaches and kids, and the great game we coach. 

Through the foundation Frank founded, his family has made it their mission to put Frank's books in the hands of every coach in the world. They have been traveling to clinics and conventions talking with coaches and sharing Frank's vision. Coaches across the country have impacted their kids with The R.E.A.L. Man Program!

Please take a moment to check out the H.O.P.E Foundation's website by clicking here: H.O.P.E. Foundation For a Better Tomorrow. There are links to order all of Frank's books, which are great resources for teaching character. I use some of his information with my team, and it has been hugely beneficial. 

There are many reasons why we became coaches. Frank DiCocco became a coach to help other people excel. Each and every day we have an opportunity to change someone's life!

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