Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Four Keys to Offensive Organization

Perhaps the most important aspect of being successful on offense is organization. The more organized you are, the more efficient you can be. What does your organization consist of? I think there are four important elements. Those four are:

1. Personnel
2. Game Plan
3. Practice Plan
4. Call Sheet

Personnel is vital because you must make sure your best athletes are on the field where they can help your team the most. Many years ago we had a kid we were using at running back, but he just wasn't playing well. He sometimes ran routes have speed because he didn't know what to do. He also didn't have great vision. When we moved him to tight end he became an all-state player. Our offense improved, and he played a more vital role.

Our game plan is based on our scouting report. We want to find advantages over the defense and exploit those on game day. The purpose of our game plan is to give us a systematic approach to calling plays. We don't want to shoot from the hip. We want everything we do to have a purpose. We have a menu each week of 24 things we think we will be able to do successfully against the defense. We star the 8 things we think we will be best at during that week. When we put our game plan together, we want to feature those 8 things we think are going to create opportunities to score more points.

With our game plan we have to be adaptable. When the game starts, we often find something that we can use to consistently gain yards. As we prepare for each game there are certain things we expect the defense to do. They often will do something different, and sometimes that something different gives us a chance at big plays. We must recognize this during the game and during preparation. What do you do if the defense suddenly calls strength to the boundary? Or, what if a 3-4 team suddenly gets in a 4-3 front? Do you have a plan? Have you practiced contingencies? Are you adaptable enough to shift on the fly?

Practice Planning is vital to your preparation each week. As we prepare our practices we make sure we have enough individual time, group time, and team time to prepare for our game. We script everything to make sure we get enough reps of the 24 things we think we will do. We make sure we get extra reps of the 8 things we might major in. When I talk about 24 things, I am not talking about 24 plays. I am talking about 24 calls. If we run Even 42 Read, that is one thing. If we run Early 42 Read, that is a second thing. If we run Late 18 Option, that is a 3rd thing. Even QB Iso is a 4th thing. Even 92 Y Corner is a 5th thing. Early 92 Y Corner is the 6th thing.

We used to have our entire playbook available each week. We had all of our formations, motions, and concepts available. The problem was, there were over 1,000 combinations, and there is no way to practice them each week. We decided be very specific about what we were going to implement into our game plan each week. Scripting our practices makes sure each of those 24 things gets at least 16 reps during practice. Each of our 8 majors will get at least 32 reps each during a practice week.

Our call sheet is what allows us to play very fast regardless of circumstance. We use our call sheet to create mini scripts of each down and distance situation based on defensive tendencies. We also include a section on specific concepts to get our best athletes the football. We want to make sure your 20 touch guys get 20 touches. There is nothing worse than finishing a game and realizing your best athlete had only 3 touches. We want to make sure our athletes touch the ball a certain number of times each game.

The hardest part about organizing yourself on offense is creating the sheets to do it. I spent years visiting schools and learning how they organized the practice and game plans. I have now come up with a packet of sheets that will help you immensely to be more organized on offense. You can order this packet for under $15! These documents are all editable and can be customized to fit your program. For less than the cost of lunch you can have everything you need to improve your offensive organization. This packet contains nine documents that will help you to be more successful and organized. The nine documents are:

1. Two Sided Color Call Sheet Legal Sized (Excel)
2. Scouting Report Template (ppt)
3. Wrist Band Template (Excel)
4. Install Schedule Template (Excel)
5. Game Planning Worksheet (Word)
6. Daily and Weekly Practice Plan with Scripts (Excel)
7. Blank Defensive Personnel Template For Scouting Reports (Excel)
8. Offensive Depth Chart Template (Excel)
9: Offensive Staff Workflow (Word)

You can order this packet by clicking here: https://sellfy.com/p/AndN/ Many coaches have told me this is the best purchase they have made this summer! Coaches told me this will save them hours!

This packet will change your entire approach to organization on offense. No longer will you feel like you are grasping for the right play to call. You will know what to call and when before the situation arises! Coaches at all levels of football tell me this packet helped them immensely on offense!

A few months back I published a couple of iBooks that can help your program with X's and O's. The first is on Installing RPO's into any offense. Here is a link to the iBooks version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1078061959. The ibooks version includes explanations, diagrams, and video clips on multiple RPO Concepts. It will give you a simple process for implementing them into your offense.
If you don't have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can order the Amazon version for the Kindle. It has everything except the embedded video. You can order it here: http://www.amazon.com/Installing-Explosive-Concepts-Into-Offense-ebook/dp/B01B12YSCG/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

I also wrote a book on Tempo. It will greatly help you build a multiple tempo system with simple communication that will allow your kids to play with confidence. It also had over an hour of video clips! You can order the ibooks version here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1075902270.

Order the Amazon Kindle version here:

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